Editorials, Op-eds, Polling, and Reports in Support of Impartial Election Administration

August 7, 2023

As elections come under increasing scrutiny from both sides of the political spectrum, an increasing number of researchers, scholars, lawyers, organizations, writers, and editorial boards have come out in favor of the concept of "impartial election administration." In addition, majorities of voters from across the political spectrum have indicated their support for reforms which depoliticize and increase professionalism in the election administration process.

From increased ethics standards to new, nonpartisan models for hiring election officials, there are many ways that we can reduce partisan influence on election administration infrastructure. Election Reformers Network is proud to be a leader and innovator in this field, and we appreciate all of the support from fellow thought leaders. A selected list of endorsers can be found at the link below. (This resource will be continuously updated as the reform landscape evolves.)