MISSION: Modernizing U.S. Democratic Institutions to Guard Against Growing Polarization.

The Election Reformers Network team advances research-driven policy change to ensure the institutions running U.S. elections are as impartial as possible. We believe the laws and norms in our country give too much influence over elections to partisans and political parties, damaging voter trust, creating conflicts of interest, and threatening fair results. To help address these problems, we draw on lessons from across the globe. Our founders have supported hundreds of election processes in scores of countries over a 30-year period, working with organizations such as Democracy International, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, National Democratic Institute, International Republican Institute, and The Carter Center.

ERN Goals

We have seen first-hand how improving the rules of democracy can reduce polarization, increase citizen buy-in, and improve policy outcomes. We have built a track record of bipartisan success advancing three core solutions:

  1. Ending partisan gerrymanders
  2. Reducing partisan control of election administration‍
  3. Preventing manipulation of results

Current initiatives include:

We envision an America where political parties compete based on policies and leadership, not control over election rules and district lines, and where voter trust is strong and resilient. We know this vision is achievable because it is happening right now in most of our peer democracies around the world.

Key ERN Accomplishments

Election Reformers Network has backed several successful initiatives to support an impartial election ecosystem, both at the federal level, and in ideologically diverse states such as New Mexico, Utah, Missouri, and Michigan. We also continue to develop model legislation to assist lawmakers in advancing nonpartisan reform.

For a full list of ERN's accomplishments to date, please visit THIS PAGE.