Since launching in 2017, here's just some of what we've achieved:

  • To protect presidential elections from partisan manipulation, we helped introduce and pass critical legislation in Arizona and Michigan. And we were among the first to advocate for the changes to the antiquated Electoral Count Act that became law in December 2022. Our Washington Post oped on the Act triggered a rare GOP-led initiative for reform.
  • To stop partisan disruption of election result certification, we helped win reform in Michigan and published the first state-by-state assessment of partisan control over this key process.
  • To fight back against partisan manipulation of the redistricting process, we backed successful anti-gerrymandering ballot initiatives in Utah and Missouri. We also provided key legislative support for a successful campaign to pass anti-gerrymandering legislation in New Mexico.
  • To prevent partisan loyalists from undermining elections from within, we wrote model legislation committing officials to impartiality and establishing qualifications for secretaries of state.
  • To reduce partisanship in election administration, we developed and promoted new methods for choosing impartial state chief election officials.
  • To make election outcomes better reflect voter preferences, we provided strategy and funding support for Maine’s successful ranked choice voting (RCV) ballot initiative, as well as for RCV campaigns in Massachusetts and for Congress.
  • To build broad-based consensus around fixing the Electoral College, we created the Proportional Solution.
  • To advance awareness of viable solutions to the challenges confronting US democracy, we published more than 30 op-eds in media outlets including The Washington Post, The Hill, Governing, The Daily Beast, Talking Points Memo, and CommonWealth magazine, all of which are readable on our blog.

As ERN continues to develop its programs and policies, we will continue to advocate for nonpartisan changes to our election ecosystem that remove conflicts of interest and put power in the hands of voters, not partisan actors.