Model Bills

November 28, 2023
Election Reformers Network

Model Bill: Ethics Legislation for Senior Election Officials

This model legislation offers a roadmap for state's wanting to create impartiality, conduct, and disclosure requirements for senior election officials.


Model Bill: Chief Election Official Qualifications

Election Reformers Network's model legislation offers a legal pathway to ensure that future chief elections officials bring adequate knowledge and expertise to the job – before they get elected. The bill would establish professional qualifications for secretaries of state or similar roles.


Model Legislation Creating a Task Force to Study Election Administration

A model bill to provide for the creation of a statewide task force to research and make recommendations regarding expanded capacity and professional independence in election administration. This draft legislation was prepared by the legal team at Election Reformers Network.


Model Policy for Politically Neutral State Election Leadership

This summary previews a bill to secure trusted and impartial elections by providing for oversight by an independent state board of elections and election administration by a nonpartisan professional.