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Election Reformers Network aims to end partisan and insider control over elections. Favoring neither the left nor the right, we lead a U.S. movement to ensure that country comes first, not party. ​


Fair, functioning democracy is important

Polarization like we’ve never seen

A range of powerful forces act together to make America an increasingly divided country. These influences are woven into the core elements of our life: from social media algorithms that incentivize anger, to 24-hour news cycles that retain viewers by amplifying a false dichotomy of far left and far right.

Even where and with whom people choose to live can become a political matter. No one person or side is to blame, but we have everything to lose if we don’t strengthen the core institutions of our nation to withstand this new polarizing reality.

Elections rules from another century

Polarization is worsened by an archaic set of election rules left over from a bygone political era. We place parties in charge of everything from voting rules, to district lines, to election oversight. These practices overrepresent the extremes and discourage common ground.

Meanwhile, peer democracies have innovated, upgrading election systems to require impartiality, encourage compromise, reduce conflicts of interest, and sustain broad participation and trust. Evidence-based solutions exist; we only need the will to implement them.

Democracy breaking down

Rising polarization colliding against outdated and hyper-partisan systems could soon lead to a complete breakdown in American democracy.

No system can ever be all things to all people, but we won’t make headway on any of the issues Americans care about until we move past polarization and operate within an impartial, trusted, fair governance system. America’s democratic republic relies on an election ecosystem that works – for today, tomorrow, and the next generation.  




What’s new and noteworthy at ERN

ERN and Partners Help Pass Key Michigan Bill to Protect Presidential Elections
November 9, 2023

ERN and Partners Help Pass Key Michigan Bill to Protect Presidential Elections

With the help of ERN and coalition partners, Michigan became the eighth state, and the second swing state, to pass legislation bringing its laws into compliance with the historic Electoral Count Reform Act (ECRA).

Is Frank LaRose proving that Ohio needs a neutral, non-partisan elections chief?
September 1, 2023

Is Frank LaRose proving that Ohio needs a neutral, non-partisan elections chief?

Though implications for the abortion ballot initiative in November have dominated news coverage of August’s Issue 1, the leadership failure atop the state’s election system should not be ignored. Ohio elections need neutral referees just as much as sports do.

Helping States Comply with the Electoral Count Reform Act
June 27, 2023

Helping States Comply with the Electoral Count Reform Act

This report summarizes the impact of the Electoral Count Reform Act on state law and provides six recommendations on what states need to look for—and potentially change.

Political Gerrymandering: Guidance for Courts
August 14, 2023

Political Gerrymandering: Guidance for Courts

Watchdogs and redistricting experts filed an amicus brief to guide courts in assessing political gerrymandering, using the standard authored by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan. New Mexico's current court challenge provided the case study.

Model Bills
May 28, 2023

Model Bills

This collection of model legislation offers a starting point for state lawmakers and advocates interested in drafting reforms to strengthen elections and democratic institutions. Models feature ethics legislation, qualification thresholds for senior election officials, and a task force study bill.

National Poll on Election Administration
August 23, 2022

National Poll on Election Administration

We must remove partisanship from election administration, say voters of all political stripes in a national poll commissioned by Election Reformers Network. The survey asked people’s views on our election system and on changes aimed at bolstering voter trust; 71% believe candidates for election official positions should be required to have experience running elections.