ERN-Backed Anti-Gerrymandering Amendment Passes House committee in New Mexico!

February 23, 2023
Election Reformers Network

Our efforts as part of the redistricting coalition in New Mexico contributed to legislative committee passage of HJR 1, a joint resolution for an independent redistricting commission. The bill received a “do pass” last week from House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs committee. It goes next to the state’s House Judiciary Committee, which is a more uphill battle. Partisans on both sides of the aisle prefer to keep redistricting authority in the hands of the legislature.

Meanwhile, ERN VP Heather Balas took to the airwaves this week, joining retired New Mexico Supreme Court Justice Ed Chavez to advocate for the bill on the public radio program Concerning New Mexico. Balas is also a recurring expert witness in the legislature regarding redistricting reform.

The state’s legislative session is in full swing, with only a month left to pass new laws. Updates on the bill’s progress will be posted soon!